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Profile Updated: October 22, 2017
Residing In: Austin, TX USA
Occupation: MAI, Appraiser, Consultant
Children & Grandchildren: Stephanie is 20 years old. Between 12 and 19 she was very busy with basketball and volleyball. She has More…gone to the Junior Olympics 3 times in Volleyball. Her 2009 Volleyball team made it to the playoffs for the first time in ten years! She received a volleyball scholarship to Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV and has completed her sophomore year. Stephanie and I canoed up and down the Potomac River in the Fall of 2013. The River runs along the north boundary of the campus. Stephanie has decided to try out Dallas for a change-back to the future!! SMU looks good right now in her eyes - we shall see what the next chapter has in store for the "light of my life".
Yes! Attending Reunion
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What do you do to relax?

The first day of band, my fourth grade year at Sam Houston elementary, Mr. Meech stomped on the old wooden podium and announced, "the day you are a member of the Pampa High School Band is the day you eat, drink, sleep and dream of nothing but band"!! I had no idea how prophetic that statement was - it paid off in the long haul because I have always strived to live by those words.
Getting a band together for the Methodist Church pancake supper which became the "Catalina's" by virtue of Dewey, Buzzy, Roland, Terry, Joe, Pat & Phil, a rythm guitar player from Wheeler County and myself. Whip Cream and the Tijuana Brass took on an entirely new thought and lifestyle....That green firebird, oh man oh man - I drove that bird for over ten years - never had anyone gripe about the lack of airconditioning when that lear jet eight track was humming the "Associations Greatest Hits", Tommy Roe, etc. In High School, I met the first love of my life.....

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

We are all running in every direction...the "beast" we have created needs feeding and very regularly LOL.

Update us on your siblings or parents that we might have known...

Sister, Pam has lived in Houston since 1979. She and Tommie have a son that just finished his junior year at Southwestern University at Georgetown, Texas. Logan is very gifted and we are blessed by him.

Shortly after returning to Pampa, it was obvious to me that my Mom was running out of became most obvious in 2010....She was passing away each day - after the third doctor in Pampa said "there was nothing wrong with her lungs and would not x-ray her lung area, I made appt. with doctor in Amarillo - she was in the hospital that same day -diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her right lung -and three months later, she was having lung/rib reconstruction surgery at MD Anderson in Houston. The good news - surgery was the cure for the slow growth monster that had been growing for 4-5 years in her right lung, wrapping around her six of her ribs and starting to attach itself to her arteries on her neck. It has been a long recovery, but SHE IS BACK!!! Over the last year, she has sold about $2.5 million in real estate and is happy as can be at her chapter in life.


I have made a "dent" in the history, direction and environment of Pampa and the Pampa ISD.
• 2010-2013
• Managed over 800,000 SF of Retail Space
• Filed for amendment to 2010 HUD MAP and successfully accomplished Amendment to Map to the Coronado Shopping Center - This kept Enbridge in town
• Purchased 305,000 SF Neighborhood Shopping Center -Coronado Shopping Center
Successfully sold 52,000 SF Former Albertson’s to ISD for new multipurpose facility to house administration, IT department, In-Service Teaching, and Refrigerator/Freezer Units for distribution to all schools, Storage of Inventory for Schools at central location

Negotiated a 16,500 sf office facility for Enbridge to occupy; created over 200 new potential daily customers for shopping center that were new tenants of shopping center; Increased Occupancy 53%; Oversaw Environmental Reports that involved 57,000 SF of Asbestos Remediation/Abatement; Oversaw and approved plans, specifications and $2+M remodeling/renovation of shopping center.

Negotiated Sale of 250,000 SF Shopping Center

Negotiated Sale of 250,000 SF Pampa Mall

The shopping center has become what it should be - "A community within the Community" and it has growing room with right owner....

Anything else we should know?

I have a steadfast passion for my profession... having fun at my craft at this time in my life...Am on the Appraisal Institute's National "Litigation" Registry and also on Appraisal Institute's National "Valuation of Conservation Easements" Registry, both of which are professional development accreditations. Planning to be accredited by the IROW as an appraiser before the end of September 2014 and a surprise by the end of the year. Currently, MAI Candidate Advisor to three young and upcoming that are part of the North Texas (Dallas) Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. I get a kick out of giving back to my profession.

Which was your class?


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Happy Birthday!

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Belated Happy Birthday!!! I will be opening another office - in Lubbock in the next nine months! Hope you are as Happy as Ever!!! Take care, Pat

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Feb 10, 2016 at 11:14 AM

Happy Birthday to You!! I love Old Mesilla. The town square, the beautiful old church and the restaurants are to die for!!I know you will have a wonderful time! Drink a Margarita for me. Coffee and Liquor are Taboo for me right now. I am on my very first diet...have lost and have more to lose...This battle I will win! LOL Take care! Pat

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Debbie, Have a wonderful birthday - Hope the holidays are GREAT for YOU!!!!

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Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful year!

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Happy Birthday! Celebrated Mom's Birthday last evening As Well. Take care of your self.

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Have a Wonderful Time and Let Us Know How you are Doing On this special B Day!!!

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Happy Birthday, Steve ! ! Have a wonderful week!