In Memory

Gene Key

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05/24/09 03:36 PM #1    

Sherry Watkins (Young)

Gene was my neighbor for most of my life but he became my friend after graduation. He and I used to smoke a lot of pot together and he was plagued by demons I could not help him with. He was an incredibly sweet and kind young man and his death made me very sad. I wish I had known what I know now and could have been there for him like he always was for me.

05/24/09 05:05 PM #2    

Cindy Scott (Symington)

I got to know Gene AFTER high school when we were both living in Austin. He confided that he was depressed and that it was ongoing-- but yet he lived life every day to the fullest so it was hard for me to take him seriously on that count. I never in a million years thought that he would take his own life - I will always and always regret that I did not reach out to him more ... he was GREAT, so much fun and so full of life, definitely a free-spirit that did not fit the mold that had been cast for him. Geez, we've lost some good people in this class.

05/28/09 06:45 AM #3    

Buzzy Green

I just knew Gene in high school. He was one of those guys that you couldn't help but like a lot, and I always suspected he could do anything he really wanted to do. He seemed to be gifted in multiple ways. He was always smiling and fun to be around. At the time, I thought his fun got in the way of the doing. How I wish I had more often joined in his fun. How little we know from outer appearances.

05/30/09 10:31 PM #4    

Josiah M. Daniel III

One memory is going home with Gene after school back in junior high, and Mrs. Key asked if we would like something to snack on. Of course. She pulled a bowl of cold boiled shrimp out of the refrigerator along with some red sauce, and Gene and I feasted. That was a rare treat for me because we did not keep cold shrimp in our refrigerator.

I always sensed a certain restlessness in Gene. I never knew he suffered depression, which is a vicious disease. In retrospect, I wish I had known him better.


06/09/09 10:26 AM #5    

Sue Sanders (Green)

I agree that depression is a vicious disease. Too bad we didn't know then what we know now. What I remember about Gene's house is that their front yard was English ivy instead of grass. Very impressive to this unsophisticated girl.

06/12/09 12:57 AM #6    

Janice Fritzler (Golly)

Gene was my on-again/off-again high school sweetheart. Almost immediately I was struck by his good looks and great personality. Times with him, Doug Laramore, and Teresa Mercer were the best - with lots of laughs. I enjoyed a couple of visits to see him at the University of Texas in Austin, and he visited me a number of times in Colorado during college. We both went to see his sister and family near Aspen after Christmas one year. He was restless and seeking something that might have satisfied his spirit - I wish any of us remembering him here could have helped him to find it. He'll always be missed.

04/15/10 12:17 AM #7    

Diana Rose (Payne)

Gene lived on the other end of our block. I tried to seduce him in our bomb shelter one day but he wasn't having any of it. I left town for boarding school so didn't get to see him towards the end He was so cute and the whole family was so nice. Tragic.

01/12/11 07:14 PM #8    

Weldon Adair Jr

I had liked Gene since we were in class together at Stephen F. Austin elementary school. He was a cool guy. We saw less of one another in high school. At UT in Austin I saw him one last time, shortly before the end. I was concerned at how troubled he seemed. He didn't want to talk about it. I didn't press him. It has saddened me tht I didn't realize just how troubled he really was.

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