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John Charles Plaster

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04/12/09 07:15 PM #1    

Jann Cawthon (Webb)

John Charles was my first elementary school crush. I always wanted to apologize to him for how I "chased him" so. I was a pest!

05/27/09 07:48 PM #2    

Billy Irvin

John and I went through grade school, junior high and high school together. I always liked John and thought that he was a nice guy. In Junior High he helped me with math. I passed math in the 9th grade because he helped me. In High School we went different ways but always spoke to each other.

05/29/09 10:54 PM #3    

John Epperson

John and his wife Janet lived for a lengthy time in Lubbock. John worked for Texas Instruments. He and Janet had two children who would be in their twenties now. I enjoyed knowing John. He certainly reminded me of Mr. Plaster at PHS. He had all of the math answers. He also had a strong belief in God. Dry humor that required you to think for a moment before getting the punch line. I miss him and Janet.

06/09/09 11:18 AM #4    

Sue Sanders (Green)

John was my boyfriend sometime during junior high. We enjoyed trading verbal "barbs." I was so sad to see him on the list of deceased classmates. Does anyone know the cause of his death?

06/17/09 06:26 AM #5    

Jeri Vaughn (Gerald)

Such a small world. We now currently live across the street from John's mother, Hazel Plaster. She is an absolute pistol and so full of life. We see his son from time to time also.
John is missed by many.

02/13/11 04:34 PM #6    

Dan Carlton

John's Mom and I got in touch right after John passed.  I wish I would have known about his illness but if I would have been staying in touch I would have known.  John was a great friend to me growing up.  We went to the same church, elementary school, he went to Robert E. Lee so we missed Jr. High but we still did things together all thru those years.  I wish we would have stayed closer but as with most of us that grew up together we tend to drift apart as time goes on. 

All thru school he was a brain and I was the jock but we still hung out and stayed close friends.  I lost track of John in the late 90s but still thought of him often.  From what I heard he was a top student at Rice University just like he was in Pampa all those years.

I didn't realize John had gone thru chemo for skin cancer fifteen years before it returned.  His Mom told me he didn't want to go thru chemo again and felt it was his time.  He was at peace with that decison and his family supported John's decision.  John left a wife and two children.  John was kind hearted, brilliant, brave and a caring soul.  I smile when I think of him.   May he rest in peace. 

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