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John Scott Skelly

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05/24/09 09:15 PM #1    

Lalla Mae Burk (Davis)

John Scott was our lovable onery dare-devil, wonder who he would have been to day? He was another one who aggravated us girls at Sam Houston! We miss you and yes you are not forgotten.
Lalla Mae

05/30/09 11:01 PM #2    

Buzzy Green

John was one of a kind. And he aggrevated us boys too. But even when I was the target, I never found him to be other than good-hearted in his search for fun. He has been gone so long, and I am still sad when I think of what we lost in his passing.

06/08/09 09:36 PM #3    

Josiah M. Daniel III

Could someone remind me when John died? I remember him as big and happy guy. I will go home and look in the yearbooks to rekindle my memory.


06/09/09 11:46 AM #4    

Sue Sanders (Green)

Yes, he aggravated the girls at school and at church, too, for those of us who went to First Methodist. But, what a loss.

06/13/09 01:38 AM #5    

Marvin David Webster

John if I remember correctly was the first of our classmates to pass on after graduation. He had dug a sand cave at Lake Meredith and it fell in on him.

06/13/09 10:43 PM #6    

Debbie Ferrel (Hickey)

You are correct, David. I was there when he died. We were with friends from Amarillo boating and skiing when we decided to dig tunnels in the sand while taking a break from the water, which we discovered too late was not a wise thing to be doing. His parents and two of his sisters were on their way home from Houston when the accident happened. What a tragedy to come home to. He died in August of 1970. Actually, I think that Phil Long was the first to pass, then John. Go to my profile and see John's cars!

01/12/11 07:26 PM #7    

Weldon Adair Jr

John and I casually knew one another. Our fathers were great friends. I actually knew Jack, his dad, better than John. I learned of John's accident from Jack. He would come by Dad's house in Austin when he was driving back and forth from the coast. We were surprised when he showed up one time in John's car. He hadn't visited us since Mom has passed away Dec 11, 1969, so we had a rather tearfull afternoon filling in what had happend and how we had lost our loved ones.

We lost Phil Long, John Skelly and Gene Key rather close to one another. I was already a bit numb from loosing Mom, but those just seemed to pile on.

But, life went on.

10/04/13 11:17 PM #8    

Janice Fritzler (Golly)

When I moved to Pampa in November, 1966, almost halfway through our sophomore year and was the "new girl" at school, John was the first person who began telephoning me and was friendly.  I enjoyed his personality.  I believe he died in the summer of 1970 in an accidental sand castle cave-in.  I thought it was so sad, because in a household of sisters, he had been the only brother.  What a tragedy.


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