In Memory

Grover Sebron Grimes Jr

Grover Sebron Grimes was born on July 6, 1951 and passed away on January 19, 2021


As a young beginning legal secretary at Reynolds Allen & Cook in the mid 80’s, I was assigned to fill in as Grover’s (and Dwane Todd’s) temporary secretary, while the firm was interviewing for the permanent position. Personnel warned me that the position had had 3 secretaries all of whom of had recently quit or been fired. I had no choice but to take the assignment, but knowing it was only temporary brought me relief. Well, low and behold, personnel quit interviewing further candidates and after a few weeks, Grover and Dwane called me in and asked if I would be interested in the position permanently. I told them both emphatically no and that I had been warned in advance that they were very difficult to work for and their history of making secretaries cry and quit or get fired was enough for me to decline. Although I technically never accepted the assignment, I was Grover’s secretary (and friend) for the next 20 years. Grover was very bright, charming, funny, and kind. Attorneys in general aren’t known for socializing with the staff members, but not Grover. He liked everyone and didn’t have a country club bone in his body. He was just an everyday guy and a wonderful family man with tremendous intellect. I know the Grimes family will miss him greatly. You should be very proud of your Husband, Father and Grandfather. I’m praying for your peace and comfort through God’s reassurance that you will one day be with your loved one again, for those who believe. [signed] Sandra Nowinski


Bob MacIntyre 
January 28, 2021
Grover and I worked together for many years and I learned a great deal from him . Grover had a unique way of analyzing a case and getting to the heart of the dispute. He also had a keen sense of where the problems lay in any matter and what needed to be done to avoid them. When he left the firm we still worked together on several matters. Nothing changed, he still had that keen insight and grounded practical approach to resolving disputes. Grover also had a tremendous sense of humor and when he thought something was funny he literally seemed to explode with a great belly laugh that left no doubt as to what he thought. You could not hear that laugh and not join in. My sincere best wishes to the entire Grimes family. May Grover Rest in Peace.