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Residing In: Northern Suburb of Kingsmill, America, TX USA
Children & Grandchildren: The late Judy (Dunn) and I have 3 children (2 sons and a daughter). Our 2 sons are both electricians More…and our daughter wears several different job titles. Our bunch is:
David, born 1972; Bryan, born 1974; and Angie, born 1979.
We have 6 grand children ranging in age from 22 years young down to 3 years. They are Danielle, born 1993; Megan, born 2000; Laney, born 2004; Michael, born 2006; Logan, born 2010; and Ryleigh, born 2014.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where do you live now?

Northern suburb of Kingsmill, America.


As many of you knew, Judy had Alzheimer's, but you may not have known that she died in October, 2015. I had met Nancy Newman Craig through a mutual friend while Judy's body was still existing, but the Judy that everyone knew was already gone. Nancy had lost her first husband, Ronald Maul, to death in and auto accident. When we were introduced, she had recently lost her second husband to death from cancer. We were both in a suicidal frame of mind and we believe we saved each others lives. Our relationship grew from sharing crying towels and shoulders to falling in love and making life worth living again. We were married December 31, 2016.

Anything else we should know?

Don't dwell on the past, you can't change a thing about it, I've tried. As we are reaching retirement and the end of our life cycles, we should look back at what we have accomplished with pride and remember those friends and enemies who gave us the experience to get through life and it's perils. May each of us have made a lasting mark on someone who is following us. May GOD bless each of you and yours. May GOD bless AMERICA!!!

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Happy birthday, Greg!!

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Happy Birthday, Greg!! And may we have many more. BTW - I have not forgotten about the marching videos. I am almost to the place of organizing that I can hope to find them.

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